Chetek Lutheran Church

1419 Second St., P.O. Box 625

Chetek, WI 54728

Phone (715) 924-4881

Fax (715) 924-4882

Church Email:

Pastor Guy Redfield
Wendy Newman, Director of Youth and Family Ministry

Dial in Worship Service:

April Newsletter

Automatic Offering Program Application

...a community of faith empowered to know Christ and to make Christ known”

“Partnered with the Chimvu Parish, Malawi Africa and Dovre Lutheran Church, Chetek, WI.”

Constitution of Chetek Lutheran Church

All Are Welcome!!!

Partnered with Dovre Lutheran Church in
“knowing Christ and making Christ known.”
Please join us for worship:

Worship Times

8:00am       Worship at Chetek Lutheran

8:45-9:30     Coffee Fellowship at Chetek Lutheran

9:15             Worship at Chetek Lutheran

10:15            Faith Formation/Sunday for Youth

                       and Seasonal Learning for Adults

10:30          Worship at Dovre Lutheran

6:30 pm        Second Wednesday of the month at Chetek Lutheran

                    (Potluck at 5:30pm)

Live Streaming from
Chetek Lutheran Church

9:15 am Sunday services
will be streamed